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Cultivating learning with school gardens training of trainers manual sept. This manual provides an outline for a short course on training methodology. The audiences for this training manual are a the trainer as the direct user, and b the participants as recipients of the course. Training manual for youth information workers, trainers and peer. It is important to implement the information within this manual in order move your clients to optimal levels of. Their strength comes from being led by youth and young professionals, from the. Effective training management and training delivery techniques. Positive youth development 101 was developed by jutta dotterweich of act for youth, in collaboration with the nys 4h state office, the nys 4h educator association, the risk and thriving in adolescence program work team, and several youth development consultants and former trainers. The gender training toolkit is designed as a resource for staff with training and facilitation skills to use in the training of new trainers and local and regional leaders. Use icebreakers, games and energizers to establish an optimal learning environment. The benefit of learning this information is to create professional looking educational tools that will serve your clients well. Sessions in this training of trainers tot module include discussions, identification of trainer s own learning style, training exercises, conducting training needs assessments, developing action plans, developing visual aids, and training practice sessions which are videotaped and critiqued.

Instructors manual on training fundamentals this manual that you are about to delve into is the product of a collaborative effort. We also note some of the advantages and drawbacks of using each one. Simulation game, roleplay exercise, presentation, group work, educational. To work effectively in a training centre they must also know the proper techniques of course design, they must have knowledge of learning principles and they must know the most effective methods of management training. This module prepares them to conduct a training needs assessment, develop detailed plans for training. Train the trainers toolkit introduction to the toolkit how to use this toolkit the toolkit is intended to be a flexible resource. Also, in the manual you will find a lot of suggestions for rituals and feedbackrounds. Methodology training of trainers description of the learning process for the preparation of. The purpose of this manual is to guide instructional designers on how to create effective training manuals. Training of trainers course for sierra leone and liberia civil service training centre, ghana february, 20. Workshops are typically two to three hours in length. Training manual templates enable the hiring manager or hr professional with the format and structure to create the training manual.

It is not intended to be a theoretical textbook, but a source of ideas and suggestions for facilitators or resource persons, in making the work of cooperatives more efficient and effective. Participants then attend a 3day live, intensive workshop. This sixday training of trainers tot curriculum is designed for approximately 25 participants see page 26 for an overview of the agenda. The role incorporates the skills of enabling, supporting, challenging, teaching, managing and evaluating. Pdf manual training of trainers using nonformal learning and. Ossory youth understanding youth work trainers handbook national youth federation 7 part 1 planning your training programme 1 trainers role the role of the trainer is complex and vital to the learning process. A collection of workshops created by participants and trainers of raise project.

This manual is a tool for trainers and managers who implement training activities. Selfstudy guide training for trainers page 5 session 1 preparation. Manual tot is the unique tool and theory book for trainers. The creation of the manual training of trainers framework in formal education for youth workers using nfl and interactive methods in youth work is a leads. Farm input suppliers also participate in training to share information with their customers. A participatory handbook for youth drug prevention programs. It is vital to create, foster, and support safe spaces youth and adults to learn together about youth engagement. The youth work methods workshops are designed to empower directstaff with tools that will increase the quality of their work with youth. Their work in adult education shows that adult learners want. Strengthening life skills for youth solutions for youth. Any programme designed for training of trainers tot should have a component to enhance the instructional skills of the participants and another to impart knowledge and enhance skills in the subject matter.

Trainers learn the principles of adult education and why they are important for trainers. African union, the migration policy framework for africa, ex. A good training program is designed to address performance problems, such as long delays in getting medi. Tnt manual 2014 d10 20150205 motivational interviewing. Introduction to training for trainers overview god is at work, redeeming the citizens of this world into the community of his son, jesus christ. In that same spirit, this manual is offered as a free gift for potential trainers or supervisors of motivational interviewing. Trainees can use the material and exercises in this curriculum when designing future tot workshops. Scheduling two workshops in one day is recommended.

You can use sections of the toolkit to support existing learning programmes or activities which you currently deliver, or plan specific programmes depending on local or individual needs. Hud youthbuild program manual 3 generally part of the academic curriculum. Community plan implementation training trainers guide. The freechild project youth engagement workshop guide create safe space. Use a variety of training aids, including an easel, powerpoint slides, transparencies and participant materials. We would like therefore to thank the numerous people who have directly and indirectly influenced or contributed to the production of this handbook. Life skills facilitators training manual grade 4 7, nied 2014 material. Templates are available for free or for a fee online. Part 3 outlines your role as a trainer and facilitator when applying these concepts, as well as the different measures for organising a successful training. We gather theories that is not so well known in the trainers groups in eu. See appendix 6 for details of the city hunt instructions. Youth work methods series center for youth program quality.

Department of health and human services and the montana department of public health and. The role incorporates the skills of enabling, supporting, challenging, teaching. The methods training of trainers tot begins with 4 weeks of online coursework comparable to a collegelevel course. This manual organizes training methods by content areas with which they are often used. The purpose of this session is to familiarize trainers with the training methods available, and when each method can be used most effectively.

A training module on entrepreneurship education, for trainers, youth workers and teachers to use in nonformal education settings. The ntc may develop and employ methods to ensure and enhance consistency between trainers and training sessions. The purpose of the trainthetrainer manual is to provide mentor trainers with competencies that will enable them to effectively mentor, facilitate knowledge acquisition, application, and skills in use of the tlmp teacher s guides and hildrens workbooks designed and created as. Collective for youth in partnership with the david p. Master trainers educate and train farmers and their families. Youth training manual this training manual was made possible through grant number u1acu892160709 from the centers for disease control and prevention u. Training textthis section includes pictures of the slides, talking points, activity instructions, worksheets and. Youth work methods training of trainers methods tot. All trainers, youth workers and even peer educators should. Match between training objectives and training methods training is designed to achieve the objectives formulated and appropriate training.

Gender training toolkit world vision international. Youth work methods training of trainers center for youth. Depending on the available time you can use all exercises and games or just select some. This manual is intended for cooperative trainers who will either work directly with cooperative organisations and their members, or will train other trainers. Tot trainer s guide 2 microsave marketled solutions for financial services introduction welcome to the microsave trainers guide for the training of trainers workshop. This training will prepare participants to lead a series of ten interactive and handson workshops that are aligned to the program quality assessment pqa. Evaluators monitor and assess training programmes as an independent third party. Staff can use the toolkits contents and exercises in workshops or small group sessions.

Gbv training manual i preface restless development sierra leone is the youthled development agency that places young people at the forefront of change and development in sierra leone. Ethiopia the following key sources have been relied on in the preparation of the manual lists of resources, containing additional sources, are indicated for each module. Such sessions are particularly encouraged for staff. In a society that is openly hostile towards critical perspectives from young people, youth. For example, you can use the introductory session with one or two key lessons and the closing session. Run a training course for youth workersyouth work trainers on online.

The material was taken apart, revised incorporating new ideas including text from the fiata training manual, and put together again by the escap secretariat. Vocational education, including classroom training in construction terminology and concepts, is generally part of the educational services provided in youthbuild programs. The method of peer training is based upon the belief that. It teaches interactive, learnercentered methods, in an approach which is based on the research of human resource development experts such as malcolm knowles, paulo freire, gordon lippit, and leonard nadler. Weikart center for youth program quality will be hosting a youth work methods train the trainer event from july 2022 at the university of nebraska omaha. Examples of such methods include videotaping the training staffs presentations for evaluation and requiring that presenters in g. A practical guide to quality programming 1 guidelines for usage this life skills guide is a practical tool to help users donors and youth serving organizations enhance the design, planning, implementation, and evaluation of life skills programming and training based on a set of nine life skills. The creation of the manual training of trainers using nfl and interactive methods in youth work is a training product that does not exist in countries where the youth sector and nfl are underdeveloped such as bulgaria and romania partners in the project leading to the production of such manual. Notes to the trainer purpose this training manual is designed to prepare trainers who already have skills as reproductive health trainers to proceed to a higher level of training implementation. Youth work methods training of trainers center for youth program.

Participants should expect to spend 68 hours per week considering youth work and adult learning concepts and completing assignments. Train direct lead listen observe support understanding the training of trainers model the training of trainers tot model the training of trainers tot model is intended to engage master trainers in coaching new trainers that are less experienced with a particular topic or skill, or with training overall. Youth engagement workshop guide freechild institute. Early childhood education training manual for educators.

Part 4 is dedicated to the delivery and facilitation of a training and provides useful tips and guidance for trainers on how to start, facilitate. This handbook draws on the work of a vast number of people and organizations who have been involved in the work of the network of youth programme for the prevention of substance abuse. Training of trainers the social development research group. Any sale or duplication of this manual is prohibited. God has placed you where you are to make a vital contribution to the advance of his kingdom. We ask that you provide proper attribution when you quote or use this manual. Year planner templates, scheme of work templates, senior primary life skills syllabus, school calendars, pencils, pens and erasers activities. They learn how to create a positive and productive learning environment for training adults, plan and organize training effectively, listen actively, use good communication skills, give constructive feedback, and identify potential challenges to delivering effective training and potential solutions. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext.

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